Rasmus Faber’s second album coming, Nakajima Megumi participates (translation)

To flex my rusty translation muscles I decided to do this report on Rasmus Faber’s upcoming album. It’s a typical, slightly goofy sounding buff piece (“and oh my” is not at all bad translation for そしてなんと) that litter japanese music journalism but it’s not quite as corny as my tentative translation makes it appear. Megumi’s introspective, poetic language was as enjoyable to read and frustrating to translate as always.

Anyway, good news and I really want to hear the Mamegu song on it given how good the Rasmus/Megumi collabs on Rinne were (the best things about that project I’d say, in fact). It also doesn’t hurt that Mina Kubota is responsible for couple of gorgeous Aria theme songs! 🙂

The flow’s horrid at place because I was too loyal to ridiculously long sentence structures of original text but I think it’s still readable!


Rasmus Faber’s second album coming, Nakajima Megumi participates

While his main focus is house music Rasmus Faber is familiar to wide range of listeners beyond house scene due to Platinum Jazz, a project covering anime music Japan’s proud of with jazz arrangements, and composing and producing TV anime Rinne no Lagrange’s opening themes.

4½ years since Where We Belong he has decided to do album on his house music home turf that gets released 19th December.

Encompassing upper house tunes that get showcased on We Go On – which was distributed first in Japan in August – that is currently released worldwide by American/European label as single during offer rush and album heralding single We Laugh We Dance We Cry released 14th November and ballads shining with beautiful string arrangements its contents express the breadth of music of man working in several musical genres.

Participating vocalists are signature song Ever After and Never Felt So Fly’s vocalist Emily MacEwan, singer-songwriter Frida featured on Hidden Thoughts and with whom he wrote music for Maaya Sakamoto as well as singer of his latest hit Good Times Come Back Dina Bell who is currently preparing for her major label debut – vocalists indispensable for his signature songs have been gathered.

And oh my, Nakajima Megumi with whom he teamed up for Rinne no Lagrange participates as a guest vocalist. The song featuring her will be co-composed by him and Kubota Mina, the composer for asadora Gegege’s Wife and A Letter to Momo,  and will become the centerpiece of the album.

Mina Kubota’s beautiful melodies dissolving into Rasmus’s latest house grooves and having Nakajima Megumi sing it – a collaboration that could be described as a miracle born out of Japan’s anime music scene without exaggaration has been realized.

Comments received from Rasmus and Nakajima Megumi:

After 4½ years second album as artist has been completed! With previous album I wanted to realize expression of my musicianship entirely with house music but now with platinum jazz and live band I can do the expression with various separate ways. To express myself as a DJ through the current work sound fitting for dance floor has been featured more than ever. Experimenting with new beats and sounds I think I managed to create something timeless that everyone will be listening to ten years from now.

That Nakajima Megumi’s previous song’s composition was offered to me was event I’m truly proud of in my career. There are many great singers all over the world but singers who truly have shaked the depth of my heart with their singing are, Megumi included, very few. To have such Megumi participate in my album is truly dreamlike event.

As for the song I think it’s thanks to co-composer Mina Kubota it took such a great form.  Composing together with Mina was very fun process and because our musical backgrounds are similar we also shared the image of what sound kind of we should have and so we experimented with many things, I think.

Rasmus Faber

When I heard I’ be able to participate in song written by loveable Rasmus and Kubota Nina as a vocalist I thought it was a dream.  Then the moment I heard the song I was drawn into world of much deeper dream.

To express through song both radiance and hope to set free tingling bittersweet feeling and loneliness I started to face myself head-on.  I think during recording when I stood in front of mic my heart went back further and further and ultimately the heart of little girl living inside my current self overflowed. To have met the song this way is a treasure and I’m truly happy.

Nakajima Megumi

To celebrate album’s release DJ tour has been scheduled.  Because additional performances have also been scheduled please check the official homepage.

This piece reminds me of Megumi’s participation in Platinum Jazz’s concert last summer and in addition to Try Unite she sang wonderful versions of Aimo and Seikan Hikou’s jazz arrangement. There were small clips of performances avalaible on one vid uploaded to Nico but it got taken down some time ago, sadly. Really beautiful and I must admit being surprised how good and natural flow Megumi got for Interstellar Jazz – you wouldn’t think this was the first time she was singing jazz. Here’s hoping for DVD release of concert or something. Oh well, at least this fisheye shot of Megumi, Rasmus and band remains:

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  1. Cadentia says:

    A bit late, but… Yeeeees, I can’t wait for this album and how the hell did I miss that Platinum Jazz video on Nico? Aaaargh!!

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