Kawamori Shoji: Vision Creator’s point of view (translation)

It looks like there’s book coming out about Shoji Kawamori and his career. Release date is 18th January 2013 and the book will cover his career from early days to today in its various forms from designer to director. I’m sure this book is not one to be missed for any fan of Macross, his iconic mecha designs or guy in general – and as such I’ve preordered a copy as it is. I hope there’s good stuff about Kenji no Haru inside, arguably one of the most underrated 90s anime and man’s greatest creation (sans perhaps few Macross titles).

Translation of Amazon product description:

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“Shinji you suck” – Shinji’s character in Eva Q (translation)

Phew, busy time studying, exams and other hijinks has kept me inactive for longer than I intended or liked. Thankfully Eva Q’s premiere on last week’s Friday (16/11/2012) derailed my plans and life completely and led to long week filled by fruitful fanwank and a lot translations of japanese spoilers, summaries and posts on the film. I’m quite happy with large parts of material I came up with and so I think they’re worth putting up here too for posteority. going by all the madness that I’ve witnessed during last week Eva Q seems to be awesome and helluva trollish film (3.0: putting Eva into Rebuild dohoho) raking in controversy two previous outings lacked. It is taking franchise and esp. Shinji’s character to places where they’ve never been and that excites me greatly. Can’t wait till I get to see it. This post will naturally contain spoilers so those who mind should not check this out, at least not yet.

I think this is the single best post focusing on Shinji’s character I’ve seen and it was written by one japanese blogger. I won’t be providing link to original text here because it seems to me japanese bloggers are for some reason icky with sharing their personal internet corners in the public without permission. I’m sure finding the post won’t be too hard however as I found it with very generic Eva Q impressions googling in japanese and really, copypastaing the one sentence I’m not entirely sure off to google will give it as first result. I don’t agree with the guy on all of his interpretations – esp. those regarding 2.0 Shinji – but good post is a good post and worth bringing to attention of western anime fandom.

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Rasmus Faber’s second album coming, Nakajima Megumi participates (translation)

To flex my rusty translation muscles I decided to do this report on Rasmus Faber’s upcoming album. It’s a typical, slightly goofy sounding buff piece (“and oh my” is not at all bad translation for そしてなんと) that litter japanese music journalism but it’s not quite as corny as my tentative translation makes it appear. Megumi’s introspective, poetic language was as enjoyable to read and frustrating to translate as always.

Anyway, good news and I really want to hear the Mamegu song on it given how good the Rasmus/Megumi collabs on Rinne were (the best things about that project I’d say, in fact). It also doesn’t hurt that Mina Kubota is responsible for couple of gorgeous Aria theme songs! 🙂

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Welcome! It’s time for introduction post!

”The nonsense written by philosophers on scientific matters is exceeded only by the nonsense written by scientists on philosophy – and the only thing to exceed that is the nonsense written on anime by useless uni students”

– C.D Broad-cum-Xardie

Xardism aka Zen and the Art of Anime Watching is a humble blog that purports to do little else than the name implies. The content comes from the whimsies and idiosyncracies of the upkeeper (hence Xardism part) and the blog will mostly focus on writing about anime and related fields of japanese popular culture (though not exclusively so, given the aforementioned whims). Coin the latter statement of purpose with  long running interest in Zen Buddhism and you get Zen and the Art of Anime Watching part.

I don’t hoard hopes or delusions of achieving grandeur through this blog anymore than I think cribbing on Herrigel for name was original move but I hope to present reasonably interesting content to those who share interest in fields I intend to cover. In addition to reviewing and rambling on variety of anime and other media I’ll also probably end up translating material (mostly stuff with some connection to my beloved Macross franchise) only avalaible in japanese now and then too.

Arguably the main reason for starting this blog was the fantastic We Remember Love quiting its astonishing run in October 2012. I don’t intend the blog to become some sort of placebo-WRL – I’m not a blogger of Ghostlightning’s level – but in part I hope to make the hole in Macross blogging left by WRL at least a little bit smaller. Remembering Love for the franchise is important.

About the author: I’m young finnish male which is bad enough in itself. I also happen to be philosophy major in uni which surely doubles the dame value.

In addition to being horrid weeaboo (dame quotient keeps on rising, gahh) I have strong passion for music and cinema in general. I’ve always been split between doing philosophy or cinema as my place in life (for now it’s resolved one way, for now…) and while my musicality doesn’t go much beyond listening to obscene amount of records one day I’ll hopefully master guitar well enough not to be driven off the stage by skills of my brother ten years junior.

All in all, enjoy your stay!

– Xardie

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